About Us

           Ever since I was a little girl I always loved playing dress up. I still have the cutest memories of when my mom would dress me up when I was a little girl. Pictures that will always tell a story and will forever bring a smile to my face. I always imagined what it would be like to one day have a daughter of my own. A little girl that I could love and dress up cute, do her hair, and share my life with. Fast forward several years, and one December, God decided to bring my baby girl Eiza into our lives! Words cannot describe the happiness and joy this little girl brings to us every day. I never imagined I would enjoy putting together the cutest little outfits for Eiza, as much as I enjoy doing so week after week. What started as something I enjoyed, turned into a hobby both my daughter and I love doing together. I love the way Eiza enjoys dressing up in the cutest outfits, and to see the smile on her face as she stares at herself in the mirror is priceless. She loves seeing herself dressed up in different adorable outfits just as much as I love putting outfits together for her.

          This is how the idea of My Mini Closet was born. We wanted a way to turn our mother & daughter hobby into something we could share with other mommies. So, here we are! My Mini Closet is a way for Eiza and I to build something small together. Most importantly, it is a way of sharing our passion and love for putting together the cutest little outfits with all of you!